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Finding Inspiration in Morocco

Morocco is up there as one of the most vibrant countries in the world, it's a visual feast. Striking bold colours, unique architecture, beautiful courtyards & gardens are waiting at your every turn. I have been fortunate to visit Morocco on two occasions, and as stated in an earlier post, these visits have inspired a lot of my designs.

Beautiful detailing like carved cedarwood doorways made up of intricate patterns. Copper and bronze that has been formed into lanterns and lamp shades, that have cutout details where light creates the most beautiful patterned shadows reflected on the walls. Vibrant colourful mosaic patterned tiles seen in the Mosques and everyday homes. 

The strong use of pattern and colour were the driving forces behind the designs of many of my earrings and previous beadwork.


Browse my latest Moroccan inspired earrings by clicking the link below:

On my last visit to Morocco my itinerary: Casablanca > Fes > Efroud (Dunes/Camels) > Sekoura stay at  > Marrakech > Essaouira > Casablanca

For more details email me, I love talking travel.

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