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From Concept to Creation with Samantha Moses

"Samantha Moses the brand is all about the joy of celebrating milestones, gift giving making people happy and giving back. I aim to create works that inspire love & connection."

If you had to describe your style in detail to me, what would it be?

My style can be described as a blend of bohemian earthiness and femininity. My jewellery carries an essence of raw beauty -- irregularities and quirks are part of its charm. My pieces are timeless. They wear beautifully and connect to your heart. 

How do you craft your ideas into creations? What is your design process?

I am actually a terrible sketcher! But I often scribble my ideas down, and from here my designs form. Having an element of surprise and working freely allows me to experiment and come up with something unexpected and even lovelier.

When designing cut out earrings or defined shapes, I draw the shapes on the computer so I can get the symmetry right. This is a skill that I learnt while working in the fashion industry (I actually started out in fashion, spending 15 years designing and buying women’s apparel and accessories).

Where do you find inspiration? How do you find it?

For me, inspiration is often found in: nature, travels and the stories exchanged with my clients.

Walking on the beaches in Cape Tribulation, I stumbled across Sand Bubbler Crabs. The crabs had made the most amazing designs all along the beach with balls of sand created while they were feeding. From there, the original Ball Bangle was formed.

A few years ago we took our children to the Kimberley. This trip really influenced my bead work. I made a collection of knotted silk, multi-coloured beaded necklaces on my return, using palettes of earthy colours.

I know that buying jewellery can be an extremely personal gesture: do you have a favourite client story?

Yes! One of my favourite commissions came from a client who had inherited her grandmother’s pearls. The necklace itself was very traditional and not my clients style. She wanted to use the pearls and make a new necklace that she would be happy to wear all the time. Together, we worked on a concept that paid respect to all of the women in her lineage that had worn it before her. We called the piece ‘Klara’s Pearls.’

I’m curious, your works are often personalised, and you mention your clients’ stories inspiring your designs. So how do you work with clients to create their pieces?

Most of the time it starts with a phone call or email. As the majority of my personalised pieces are gifts, the first thing we discuss is who the piece is for. There is always a beautiful exchange as my client describes the person we are making the piece for, their relationship, their history and by the end of our conversation I feel like I know her intimately. A mother, grandmother, daughter, child, lover or best friend. It's a real privilege to be involved in this sort of gift giving.

We then discuss and decide the type of piece they are thinking of: a necklace, bracelet, bangle or ring – they use my website as a guide, choose a style, or we create a variation or something entirely new.

We work out measurements and the names, dates or messages that need to be stamped. 

Almost my entire personalised collection has been inspired from these types of exchanges with my clients. 

When you connect the giver and receiver together in gratitude and love - there's only good things that can come out of it.



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