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Gold in all it’s Glory

We love gold for its beauty, but do we know anything about it?

Here’s a quick lesson on gold so that you can truly understand it.

Traditionally, yellow gold is the most popular colour and, in many cultures, is thought to represent the sun. It’s warm, luminous and radiant. Nowadays, gold is available in many colours, including rose gold, white gold and sometimes even blue or purple gold. This is possible through combining pure gold with other metals such as silver, copper or zinc.

But what is ‘pure’ gold? Well, it’s 24 carats.

Still unsure? Let me explain. The purity of gold is measured in carats, often shown as ‘CT’. 24 carats is the most pure you can get and it usually works down to  9CT depending on the colour and mixture.

Keep in mind; a lower level of purity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Pure gold is usually too soft, meaning it can be easily scratched or damaged. By mixing it with other metals it becomes harder and more durable to wear – which is perfect for a lasting jewellery gift for someone with a heart of gold.

Most of my jewellery pieces are available in Sterling Silver and 9 CT Gold. I avoid using plated gold because inevitably it rubs off.  I love working with 9 CT gold. I love it's colour which is much softer on the skin than 18 CT or 24 CT which are bright and yellow .

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