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It’s Time to Kiss Goodbye Tangled Jewellery

The dreaded feeling of finding necklaces and bracelets tangled and having to search for missing rings is something some, if not all, jewellery enthusiasts would have dealt with in the past. 

As a professional jewellery designer, I know how tricky it can be to find the space to store all of your treasured pieces!

Lately, I’ve been looking into ways to easily avoid these mishaps. So if your jewellery box just doesn’t cut it anymore, I’ve found a few interesting products online that I thought I’d share with you all.

If you’re the DIY kind of girl, these modern wood and brass jewellery organisers are your best bet! You can hang your necklaces on one, rings on the other and bangles separate.

A Photo Frame Wall Mount Jewellery Armoire Mirror is a handy way to store your jewellery if you have limited space, and an excessive amount of jewellery.

This compact, cute frame wall acts as a photo frame but opens up to display a wardrobe basically full of jewellery! Hang your bracelets above, then your necklaces below. The separate mini drawers below are perfect for storing rings and earrings.

For the necklace obsessed, hanging an old curtain dowel with shower hooks on the inside of your wardrobe is a perfect way to keep your necklaces in line –literally.

Hang one on each door if you have an excessive amount of necklaces to store.

And last but definitely not least, for the jet setting jewellery enthusiasts you can’t look past tonic Australia’s ‘The Cube’. Tonic offers a range of striking colours and designs, all of which are light weight, lined with a beautifully soft satin and complete with five individual zipper compartments, two pouches and a ring holder to keep your jewellery organised and tangle free as you venture across the globe.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to think of fun and alternative ways to store your jewels! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope that I get to make you some personalised pieces soon

Love Sam xo

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