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Jumping Through Hoops

Hoop earrings made a comeback in 2016 and they’re here to stay, remaining one of the significant jewellery trends for 2017. Below is a shout out to my favourite hoops and a few hot tips on how to wear them with style this coming winter.
You know that awful feeling of aching earlobes after a long day of wearing statement earrings? Well, you won’t get that at all with these lovely earrings. They are lightweight, making them perfect for everyday wear. Add some of these minimalist hoops to your basic street style and voila, you’ll look like a true stylist.
Sterling Silver Hammered Hoops
The bigger the hoop, the better. These hoops are modern, minimalist and elegant. They will add that sophisticated touch you need to help dress up an outfit. Pair them with a blouse or dress that shows off your décolletage to create an eye-catching effect.
Large Open Pebble Earrings
Want something a little different? These stunning earrings are an edgy take on the hoop. They make a statement with their organic shaping and they are so versatile; perfect for a day in the office or a night on the town.

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