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Made with Love

People often question why you should buy handmade jewellery when you could possibly find similar products for half the price from major retailers. Here are a few good reasons why handmade jewellery is the best kind of jewellery and why it is worth the extra penny.

The craftsmanship, time and love put into a piece of hand-made jewellery set it worlds apart from a mass produced piece. In a studio, time is taken to do things properly. The jewellery is a representation of the person making it so it is very rare that a jeweller will sell a piece unless they are proud of the quality.  

Each piece of handmade jewellery is unique. From the tiny details of the hammering and etching to the personalised names, hand-made pieces add extra sentimental value and a story that is yours to keep.

Finally, handmade jewellery is the more ethical and sustainable option. There is much less waste produced and very little energy used in the making of the products. As the quality is higher, the pieces last longer meaning that less of it is thrown out due to faulty clasps and broken bits.

I hope this has widened your eyes to the benefits of buying products that are handmade with love.

- Sam xo

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