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Quick Guide: Gemstones and Expression

For some, the gemstones on your favourite bracelet, earrings, ring or necklace represent specific qualities and attributes. Some are said to enhance mood and attitude, with a few even contributing to productivity.

Confused? Don’t stress, below is a quick guide to accessorising based on your mood and daily schedule:

Feeling overwhelmed? Amethyst is said to posses calming qualities, keeping you grounded and aware. Some have even referred to it as the ‘yogi of gemstones.’

If it’s a confidence boost that you’re after, Agate, the warrior stone, enhances confidence, providing a little extra self-assurance and strength.

Being innovative and approaching ideas with a fresh perspective can be a little hard at times. Carnelian enhances creativity and helps you to harness your individuality.

Don’t fret if decision-making isn’t your forte, find some piece of mind and achieve a sense of clarity by accessorising with Crystal. 

Bring a sense of harmony to your day by adding Emerald to your attire. This striking stone also symbolises loyalty --  a favourite stone of mine, that I love to use - it’s the perfect stone to gift to your closest friends.

When cramming for a test or exam, don’t go past the gem Fluorite. Wear this gem to improve your memory, intellect and concentration.

Chasing that promotion? Achieve your goals and objectives by wearing Jade.

If you’re struggling to meet the right one, wear Rose Quartz. This little gem is said to be the love stone. Be prepared to find true love.

No one likes feeling crappy, add Turquoise to your collection to kick-start some self-acceptance and get healing.

Change got you feeling anxious? Help ease into a new routine or lifestyle by accessorising with Opal.

Radiate your passion with Ruby, the talisman of desire and symbol of the sun.

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