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The Art of Gift Giving

As a child, the idea of presents – giving or receiving – was exhilarating. Tearing through endless amounts of wrapping in front of your family and friends was the highlight of any occasion. Before Christmas, you had already eyed off every single present under the tree, guessing what was inside. On birthdays, your friends would sit around in anticipation, watching you unwrap every single gift; beaming with pride when you unwrapped their carefully selected present.

As an adult, the idea of presents – giving or receiving – can be exhausting and daunting. There are now unspoken rules, and politics associated with presents. What did you get them again last year? Have you already given them that scented candle? You can’t get them that same old perfume again. You almost considered it, didn’t you?

This year, bring back a personal touch to your gifts.

Personalised jewellery can be a simple, yet a highly effective answer to your latest gift debacle. Nothing says: hey, I like you, and I really want you to be reminded of this every, single, day, than a personalised bracelet; necklace; or pair of studs. Stamp them with their inital, name, date or with a special message. Now you can beam with unadulterated pride again, as you watch them unwrap that special gift.

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