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The idea behind the Jewellery Kiss Campaign

We all go through bumpy patches and unexpected turns in life. Sometimes all you need is for a friend to stop and remind you that they believe in you.

There’s nothing I love more than creating beautiful, sentimental jewellery to remind people that they are loved and supported. My passion for sharing the love has inspired me to start up the Jewellery Kiss Campaign.

If you have a friend who needs a little reminder that you’re there for them during a tough time, I’d love for you to nominate them through the link below. At the end of each month, I will select one of the nominees to receive a personalised Button Friendship Bracelet as a permanent reminder that they are loved and supported.

I was touched by each and every one of the entries in June and wish that I could’ve shared a jewellery kiss with every nominee. However, if you missed out last month, please don’t worry! Your entry will carry on to the following month and you’re more than welcome to share the love and enter as many nominees as you like.

Best of luck beautiful people.


- Sam xo

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