Free shipping to Australia.
Free shipping to Australia.


Your bracelet arrived yesterday for which I thank you very much.
I wore it immediately and was delighted to have the kids names on my arm. I shall wear it with pride.


I love that your jewellery is handmade with love and that your heart and soul goes into every piece you make. You can see it in your work, your design and quality is just beautiful. You're a pleasure to work with. I adore all my pieces.


I've been wearing my personalised button pinky ring with my girls names on it for 8 years now and refuse to take it off. 


I am a huge fan of your work. I love your pieces for their quality, good design, simplicity and timelessness.


I can't tell you how much joy I feel wearing my disc wrap bracelet with all my grandkids names on it. I'm reminded everyday how truly blessed I am.


The girls bought me the most lovely bangle for my birthday, I absolutely love the work that you do xx